New update out + late November Devlog

Hello everyone,

Last few weeks have been very productive as I've managed to not only finish the content updates but also fix some long-standing technical issues. There's also a nice performance improvement once again and the DOS port now has SVGA graphics enabled as an option!

I wanted this to be the last beta release but I feel it still lacks some polish. Overall the game has come a long way from 0.3 and the new gameplay mechanics make it much more challenging and fun.

The next features to receive some attention will be:

  • Game state saving and loading
  • More configurable options
  • Music
  • CD audio playback under DOS + ISO version release
  • UI optimizations

And here's the full changelog for version 0.4:

- you can now drive in and out of the garage
- the garage is a new physical building and your fixed spawn point
- added fuel simulation
- fuel level now dictates the maximum length of your game on career/sandbox mode
  (instead of 10 minutes timer -- the timer will now count upwards)
- garage refueling option is now functional
- adjusted prices of repairs to balance the cost of fuel
- entering the konami code on the garage gives unlimited money
- you now have to drive back to the garage on career/sandbox mode
  pressing esc will set your gps to point the way back home
  double-pressing esc will fast travel (for a $50 fee)
- added haste bar: passengers like for you to keep a certain average speed
  if you go too fast or too slow, they will complain
- added passenger ratings and stats
  every time you upset your passenger, you lose a star
- changed timer in arcade mode: picking goals will extend your time
  you will also get 5 seconds extra per star upon delivery

- added new menu song
- major graphics and textures polish pass
- added new traffic model (delorean)
- added street lamps and traffic lights
- more citygen variety
- different palettes for asphalt and sidewalks
- added more texture to floor designs
- removed static floor texture shading
- player car now leaves skidmarks on the ground
- slightly lowered traffic model heights except van
- added lightning flashes when raining
- displays rain particles on low detail mode
- redesigned dashboard gauges with working fuel and engine temp meters
- VGA dashboard is now more in line with the full resolution version
- minimap will now show the actual floor textures
- displays player arrow larger when minimap is zooomed in
- minimap won't be drawn in low detail mode
- displays timer on isometric map view
- removed goal counter from screen (can be shown with F3)
- updated the "how to play" help section
- added support for displaying and centering the HUD on high resolution modes
- added SVGA support for DOS - very experimental, expect to crash often

- fixed floor palette glitches on some city sections
- adjusted wiper sensitivity to framerate
- AI traffic won't switch lanes when too close to the player to avoid collisions
  (hopefully fixes the one-hit kill issue)
- fixed graphic glitches in high resolution modes
- fixed standard 640x480 resolution rendering more lines than needed behind the dashboard
- adjusted background scrolling rate
- sky backdrop is no longer drawn inside garages
- rain no longer falls inside garages
- fixed a long-standing issue with only one masked wall being rendered per plane
- fixed building textures being rendered mirrored/backwards
- further raycasting performance optimizations
- addressed adlib timing specs
- reduced color banding in opengl renderer

- DOS port is not the most stable thing *yet*
- menu rendering is rather slow and unresponsive under DOS
- fm sound doesn't initialize properly under some (real) sound blaster hardware
- if you drive too fast through the city walls and framerates are below 10~20, you can no-clip and crash the game
- similarly AI traffic can vanish inside buildings with low framerates
- AI can spontaneously cause traffic jams at an intersection
- framerate spikes when updating the goals across the map: these updates still need to be threaded
- the isometric map renderer in opengl creates weird artifacts

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Dec 02, 2018
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Dec 02, 2018 662 kB
Dec 02, 2018 13 MB
Dec 02, 2018
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Dec 02, 2018

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