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DT3K is a retro arcade racer inspired by Crazy Taxi, Quarantine and the movie Drive, with an 80s/cyberpunk visual theme and true pseudo-3D graphics done by a custom raycaster engine.

Coming for WINDOWS, LINUX and DOS!

This game is now "shareware" so that everyone can enjoy the new and future developments. The arcade mode, which features the full map and core gameplay (with a time limit per game) will remain free forever. The new career mode and other experimental features of the game, like the OpenGL renderer version and high-color/high-resolution modes, will be exclusive rewards to donators.


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Sample dosbox.conf 10 kB
taxi-0.3-x64.tar.xz 12 MB
taxi-0.3-win32.zip 12 MB
taxi-0.3-dos.zip 605 kB
taxi-0.3-dos-full.zip 755 kB
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taxi-0.3-x64-full.tar.xz 12 MB
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taxi-0.3-win32-full.zip 12 MB
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Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Get in the Death Taxi

I have a few passenger slots to fill and I'd love to put some players in the game! You will get a character designed to your likeness and get to pick all the lines he/she will say in the speech bubbles, as well as receive special credits in the game.

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Very impressive work with the engine and the game was fun to play too once you start to find the customers. Granted, it's still just the demo and there were some technical problems (crashes, etc.), but it seems very promising for the final release.

I'd like to invite your game to this year's Game Development World Championship!